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For each visitor to our web pages, our web server automatically recognizes the visitor’s domain name, the Internet Provider address of their computer, and the date and time our site was accessed.   We collect the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail.  We also collect information on what pages a visitor accesses or visits and any information volunteered by the visitor, such as a survey or an application.  This information allows us to see the usage patterns of our site without any personal or private information being recorded.

The information we collect is used to:

Improve the content of our web site 
Customize the content and/or layout of our site pages 
Notify visitors about updates to our web site 
Contact visitors of new products or services

A cookie is a way for web sites to recognize whether or not you have visited the site before. It is a piece of data given to a browser by a web server, so that the browser will hand it back to the server on subsequent visits.  Some websites place permanent cookies, or permanent electronic files, on your hard drive, which then collect data.

We do not use permanent cookies or place any permanent electronic file on your computer.  This means you will have to re-enter your personal identification information each time you want to bank over the Internet with us.  However, we do use session cookies, which are automatically deleted at the end of a session.  Session cookies enable you to enter your password less frequently during a banking session with us.  If your browser allows you, you may decline our cookies, but if you do, you may not be able to access all the features of our website including online banking and bill payment and you will have to enter your password more frequently during a banking session.

We appreciate your business and the confidence you have placed in Midland Federal for your financial service.  If you have any questions about these Privacy Principles or your accounts, please stop by your nearest Midland Federal office or contact us.

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