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Passbook Savings

If you like the idea of watching your savings grow, then a Passbook Savings Account is for you. Each transaction and interest credit will be posted to your passbook, making record keeping easy and convenient. Maintain a $100.00 balance to avoid a $3 quarterly service fee.

Statement Savings

Earn interest, make unlimited deposits and withdrawals to your account, and receive a detailed monthly statement. Maintain a $100.00 balance to avoid a $1 monthly service fee. Apply for a Midland Federal debit card for access to your funds any time of the day and anywhere the Star® or Cirrus® logos are displayed.

IRA Passbook Savings

It is always a good idea to think about saving for retirement and with an IRA Passbook Account, you can add to it at any time and with any amount, up to your legal limit. Open this unique retirement savings account with as little as $10.00.

Christmas Club Account

Get a jump on the holidays by opening a Midland Federal Christmas Club Account. This systematic savings plan allows you to deposit a pre-set amount into an interest earning savings account. You can make your deposits in person, or automatically transfer funds from any checking or savings account. Each year, in early November, you will receive a check for the balance of the account.

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